Construct a Cute Character Driven Scene

In this tutorial we’ll work on a character filled scene that is built to showcase a smart car. We’ll view a workflow I use for creating large scale work.

You’ll learn how to lead the viewers eye through an image, even when it’s packed with smiling characters. You’ll also learn how to plan and control your vector build process after sketching your full image.

Tutorial Details
  • Applications Used: Adobe Illustrator CS4
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Estimated Completion Time: 3h +

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Final Product What You’ll Be Creating


The picture was developed as my contribution for the OutSmart-project. For the brief I had to answer some questions. What and where would you like your car to be? This is your space so be as loose or as strict as you like, as real or as imaginary as you like. Create your car and your ideal place to drive it, park it, fly it ? Format 400×160 mm. Planned as a double page in a publication. These are the guidelines this project was constructed in. Let’s take a look at the workflow for making this illustration.

Step 1 – Scribble and Thumbnails

At first, there is the scribbling. Small sketches with thumbnails make it possible to get a feeling for the dimensions and the possibilities. Without too much effort first ideas can be created. In doing so I try not to draw too detailed. It is important that the sketches stay small. Thereby you give your picture a break to develop the illustration in full-scale.

Step 2 – More Detailed Sketches

Choose a thumbnail sketch and go on working. Characters and details do not have to be a hundred per cent worked out. The dimension of the sketch still stays small. Although it’s just furnished with placeholders at this point, the drawing already resembles the ultimate result.

Step 3 – Concept and Composition

The main elements of the composition are the streets. They serve as the central theme that keeps the drawing together. The observer’s eyes are led along the streets to the single points of the composition. All directions of the drawing lead to the Smart car at the far right. The traffic lights derails the motion. They thwart the street. So the lights become an important element of the picture because they decentralize the composition and introduce a further layer.

…and that’s the end of the preview!

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