Website Update

Website Update

We’ve been finishing up the final details on our slightly new website update that includes a few handy features and an upgraded look. We should be rolling out the new site in the next week or so. Until then!

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  • Diane
    12 February, 2012

    Are you going to fix the website so that it recognizes my backwater e-mail address so I can download products from your website?

  • Ryan
    13 February, 2012

    Legit, dude your tutorials rock. Everyone at my high school now praises me for special effects wizardry. I have learned so much from you.

  • John Haley
    13 February, 2012

    about time! I love fresh looks.

  • Piotrek
    13 February, 2012

    GREAT i love this site, it will be even better, hope u put some new tutorials ;) … and programs :) Try to make it best. I enjoy your tutorials Piotrek from POLAND :) … nowfromnewzealand :) CU

  • kadeer
    13 February, 2012

    you people rock! i would love the new website! and i love all your tutorials..

  • Tord
    13 February, 2012

    Awesome! :D .

  • Excalibur
    13 February, 2012

    Great news! Good luck until the finish line!

    Best regards from France.

  • pelakart
    14 February, 2012

    keep up the goog work

  • mohammad
    14 February, 2012

    I likeit very naic man

    I hope you seen my work that I send to you

  • raghunathan
    14 February, 2012

    im waiting for that, you are great

  • Just me
    14 February, 2012

    I’m looking forward to see it)

  • Dean
    14 February, 2012

    You already have one of the most usable and comprehensive web sites around…I hope you don’t change it too much!

    By the way, I got Optical Flares the other day and I am totally blown away by it. It is an epic piece of work. I really like the user interface and the detail that you have put into the flares is awesome. It is truly an amazing piece of software. Adobe is lucky to have people like you and your team adding value to their products.

    Keep up the great work VideoCreative Group

  • charlie
    14 February, 2012

    that is cool,good job videocreative

  • In-The-Zone Productions
    15 February, 2012

    Cool. Always good to upgrade. I wonder what the new features are going to be like?

  • c-r-u-x
    15 February, 2012

    Looking forward to it, although I don’t think a new web design is necessary – the site still looks extremely slick and well-designed. No infirmity here.

  • Conrad
    15 February, 2012

    Eagerly awaiting it … God bless you for all the good stuff you share with us !

  • paul
    15 February, 2012

    Coooooooooooooooooooool!! AK

  • Czaran
    15 February, 2012

    This will be really great.
    No denying it.

  • sh@lo
    15 February, 2012

    good for u guys!!!!

  • barry barrera
    15 February, 2012

    looking forward on that Videocreative,goodluck

  • Alexander
    15 February, 2012

    Looking forward to it! Must be great!

  • kawa3d
    16 February, 2012


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