Slow Motion Bullet Shot Explosion

This tutorial is in written and video format together. I’m going to show you how to design this really cool slow motion effect, using Adobe Photoshop CS5 ,

but We’re going to use any particular CS5 feature, so for this tutorial also Photoshop CS3 or CS4 are perfect.

Tutorial Details
  • Applications Used: Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Estimated Completion Time: 3h +

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Final Product What You’ll Be Creating

57 Steps Full of Videos and detailed images

You need to have a graphic tablet, if you want to be a digital artist: working with a mouse will take the whole process twice slower and obviously lower in quality. If you don’t have a graphic tablet, and intend to learn how to Photoshop images, I strongly suggest you to buy a cheap one for 100$, wich works perfectly. For this tutorial obviously, you can also use a mouse, but don’t dishearten if the result is not as perfect as you imagined, it’s probably not your fault.

In general, I suggest you to view this Tutorial with the purpose of understanding new tricks, new techniques, and how to engage a very long project with the correct criteria, instead of just reading and replicating the effects.

Really learn a new technique in any step.

Every technique is fully explained, integrated with videos, images, shortcuts tips, suggestions and experiments.

For every crucial step, there are more informations about the choices available, to make you really understand the theory with the practice.

This tutorial combines more than 50 videos and 130 images, to teach you clearly how to move inside the software, and wich Tools to use. HTML format, very easy to consult.

If you’re new to Photoshop, or a bit more than a novice, I strongly suggest you not to buy this item.

View only if you have a minimum experience, and know how to use the basic Photoshop Tools: Brush, Eraser, Pen, Smudge, Burn, basic filters, Layer and Clipping Masks.

This Tutorial is exclusive for the Work Website Desinger market, and we assure quality and support, thanks to our experience in this type of content.

A real workshop for students, and mid-level professionists.

This item is perfect if you’re seriously in love with Photoshop, and want to see and learn how to extremely manipulate pixels, to do everything you want, making it realistic. I will talk about the techniques to use, in order to design the artwork I created, but the Tools and the knowledge you’ll have acquired at the end, will make a difference in your workflow and in your personal skills in the future.

Step 1

Let’s start with the first basic photo: the bomb with the defusable clock.

Download the photo here, wich is kindly offered by Michael at NootropicDesign.
It’s a bit damaged, probably because it was previously edited using the Magic Wand tool, that’s why we’ll use the Pen Tool to select the overall object and clean all these edges.

A special trick about the size of the starting photo: we can enlarge it, work, and only at the end reduce it to an appropriate size, to let you work deeper in detail and create a better final result. Enlarging images before masking is a very nice trick, I use Image Enlarger Photoshop Actions to do that.

Start using the Pen Tool (P) to select all the wires, the shape of the electronic display, the dynamite and isolate everything using a Layer Mask.

Step 2

To work faster with Paths, while grabbing the Pen Tool, press the Ctrl button to activate the Direct Selection Tool (A), wich can directly select the control points of the Path (image below).

In the first gif is illustrated how to select from multiple Paths. Use the same technique to select the whole bomb and the wires:

1. Create Paths, using the Pen Tool (P)
2. Select all the Paths using the Path Selection Tool (A) and hold Shift to select multiple Paths – Be sure all the Paths are in “Add to Shape Area” mode
3. Right Click > Make Selection > click OK, select the Layer with the Bomb, and click on the Layer Mask icon, to automatically apply the Selection as a Layer Mask.

Import this photo of defusable clock (last image)

Step 3

Always using the Pen Tool (P) select this Digital Display of the defusable clock, Mask it using a Layer Mask, and convert it into a Smart Object (right click on the Layer’s thumb).

Finally rasterize the Layer and Transform it to match the scale of the original photo. I’m using the Ctrl button when transforming, to Skew and Perspective the Layer: combine Ctrl, Shift while Transforming, to transform in perspective and skew a Layer.

We’re doing this to clean the image, because the original bomb had a red light glow, wich actually could make our work really hard. It’s always better to work with the cleanest resource possible, the final result will be highly influenced by this factor. So I split the display from the dynamite also because I will need them for sure.

…and that’s the end of the preview!

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