Create a Garden Scene Using Brushes in Illustrator

Today, we have another Vector tutorial, Learn how to create a wonderful garden scene in Illustrator. You’ll discover the depth of the Appearance panal,

as well as Art and Scatter brushes in this tutorial. Learn more at View Now

Tutorial Details
  • Applications Used: Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Estimated Completion Time: 3h +
  • Updated: December 14,2013

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Final Product What You’ll Be Creating

Step 1

Start by creating a New Document with a Portrait Orientation.

In the Toolbar, hold click on the Line Segment Tool to access the other tools within. You?re going to need the Rectangular Grid Tool. Double-click on this to bring up the Rectangular Grid Tool Options. Change the Horizontal and Vertical Dividers to ?2? and click on OK.

With the Rectangular Grid Tool, draw across the canvas. This will act as a guide only.

Step 2

Go to File > Place? and place the reference image on the canvas below the grid. Using the Free Transform Tool (E) to rescale and position the reference image into the grid. The grid itself is going to be used as a guide for the ?Rule of Thirds?.

So I?ve positioned the reference so the arch is going through the centre and each one of the areas has some focal point. I don?t want to be too busy so I?m going to remove some elements and balance out other areas so as not to confuse the viewer.

Step 3

I?m going to organize my layers in the Layer panel. The reference image will be contained within the ?Reference? layer folder. Then Create New Layer and Double-click on it to rename it ?BG?. Within this layer folder I?ll draw a white fill Rectangle (M) at 50% Opacity. Then the rectangular grid will be within a New Layer named ?Grid?.

I?ll begin adding shapes to the illustration within another layer folder, which I?ll rename ?Bases?.

Step 4

Throughout the tutorial, I?ll be using colors which can be found in the Swatch libraries in Illustrator. To access them go into the drill down menu and go to Open Swatch Library > Nature and select ?Foliage?. You?ll notice this in turn has a drill down menu of it?s own, so go into that and tick ?Persistent?. This will allow you to have multiple libraries open at the same time.

Once ticked, open up the ?Landscape? and ?Flowers? libraries.

I?m going to use the Rectangle Tool (M) to draw three shapes to divide the composition up. A lightblue for the sky, dark green for the background and the light green for the foreground. Once done, Group these shapes together (Command + G).

If you notice on the screenshot, I?ve moved the ?Grid? layer folder on top of the ?Bases?. I?ll be doing that from time to time to help me with placing elements instead of using the reference image alone.

Step 5

Create New Sublayer within the ?Bases? layer folder and rename it ?Fence?.

Use the Rectangle Tool (M) to draw a long slim rectangle with an off white fill.

Add a point on the center top face. Then use the Direct Selection Tool (V) to move the point upwards to create an arrow head. Within the Appearance Panel, click on FX and go to Stylize > Round Corners,then put in the value ?2pt?, and click on OK.

…and that’s the end of the preview!

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