Create Light Painted Typography From Scratch in Photoshop

if you’ve ever attempted to write words using traditional light painting photography techniques you probably know how challenging it can be to create words that are easy to read. In this Psd tutorial, author Alex Beltechi
will demonstrate how you can create a similar look without a camera and tripod.

Tutorial Details
  • Applications Used: Photoshop/Illustrator CS3+
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Estimated Completion Time: 3h +
  • Updated: December 1, 2013

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Final Product What You’ll Be Creating

Step 1

Let’s start in Photoshop. Launch the program and create a new document. When creating everything from scratch, it’s always a good idea to make it really big. That way an A2 format can later be chopped up and cropped in any other format desired. We’re going to create a borderless illustration for an A2 and later crop it into an A3. So create a new document with these sizes – W: 42.5cm, H: 59.4cm, 300 dpi, CMYK.

We want the overall shape to form a heart, so draw a heart really quick.

Step 2

Use the guideline to draw in your text with a tablet. Consider this a sketch. If you’re more comfortable doing this on paper, do it and scan it.

Step 3

For this single step, I’m going to switch to Illustrator. I’m more comfortable with ‘ol Illy when it comes to lettering, but it’s entirely doable in Photoshop too. Once you’re done, Copy it (Command/Ctrl + C)

Step 4

Paste it in Photoshop as a Path. (Command/Ctrl + V, select ‘Path’ in pop-up dialog).

Step 5

Select the Brush Tool (B) and change your brush to a 100% soft edged, 10px diameter brush. Grab the Pen Tool (P), right-click and select Stroke Path. In the pop-up dialog, make sure Simulate Pressure is not checked and press OK.

…and that’s the end of the preview!

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