Create a Beautiful Abstract Portrait in Photoshop

Create a Beautiful Abstract Portrait in Photoshop In this Psd tutorial, author Wojciech Pijecki will combine several stock images to create an artistic, abstract portrait of a woman. If you are looking to take your photo manipulation and illustration skills to the next level then View Now

Tutorial Details
  • Applications Used: Adobe Photoshop CS3+
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Estimated Completion Time: 4h +
  • Updated: December 8,2013

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Final Product What You’ll Be Creating

Step 1

Open a new document of 2000x2850px / 300px resolution with transparent background, then open the image of woman and drag it there. Pick Paint Bucket Tool (G), hold Alt to switch to Eyedropper and sample the light background color from image of the girl. Then fill the transparent background layer with this color (2nd image below). Next grab Brush Tool, set the Flow to 50% and Hardness to 100%, then select black color. Add a Layer Mask to woman’s layer and erase her body as indicated in 3rd image below.

Step 2

Grab Lasso Tool (L) and draw a selection around those blue elements on her head. Try not to include her hair or skin in the selection. Copy/Paste the selected part, use Command/Ctrl + T to rotate it properly and place it in the erased body part (1st image below). Change its Blending Mode to Multiply, this will help you to make better connection with the object and background. Next, repeat the same thing and cover more of the erased parts.

We’ve roughly cut this part with the background, so using Multiply mode may not be enough to blend it properly, so if there is something wrong and you still get, for example, a bad looking edges – use Image > Adjustments > Levels and enhance the whites (2nd image below).

Step 3

OK, repeat the same process (1st image below) but this time be more accurate and leave the blue element only – no skin/background/hair in it (2nd image below). Then place it on her skin, somewhere over her chin (with Normal Blending Mode).

Further we will place some more elements on her skin, so be patient. Now let’s just have this one piece there.

Step 4

Next, open image of flowers and apply following adjustments:

1st image below – change the Blending Mode to Mulitply, use Image > Adjustments > Levels
2nd image below – use Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation (check Colorize)
3rd image below – use Image > Adjustments > Color Balance (Highlights)
4th image below – use Image > Adjustments > Color Balance (Midtones)
5th image below – now place those flowers above all layers and cover some of the previously erased parts

This nicely matches with all the rest blue elements, so you can even make some duplicates and place them in few other spots. This is some alternative solution that you can apply instead of copying/pasting elements from previous steps. Basically you can you anything that has a light background and turn it into something similar as those blue flowers. The goal is to create some nice abstraction all around her.

Step 5

Now open the watercolor splat image. Drag it twice to our illustration and change their Blending Options to Multiply. Next, apply to each one Image > Adjustments > Levels and enhance the whites (1st image below). Then refer to step 1, use the same settings for Brush Tool and erase disturbing parts of the splats using Layer Masks (2nd image below).

…and that’s the end of the preview!

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